Discover the World of Fused Foreverly Jewelry

Fine jewelry that seamlessly becomes a part of you.

Micro-welded jewelry removes your traditional clasp; instead using a jump ring to beautifully fuse the ends together. In just a few minutes, you can experience a painless process that ensures your jewelry never leaves your side.

From the airport to the shower, our lead and nickle-free jewelry accompanies you on every adventure. Explore the allure of permanent jewelry with Fused Foreverly.

What is Permanent Jewelry?

It is fine jewelry that you cannot take off. Instead of having a regular clasp to close a necklace,  bracelet or anklet, Fused Foreverly will use a jump ring to micro-weld the two ends together. It is a simple and painless process that only takes a few minutes.

Who is Fused Foreverly?

Hi! I’m Dianna. Owner of Fused Foreverly Jewelry. I am a mom of two humans, and currently four dogs and three cats. 🙂 We live in Ozaukee County, Wisconsin.

Life is busy and finding a way to both share my creative side and help support my family is very exciting! Before this, I worked as a personal assistant. It was a fun and flexible job, however, I needed more time to find ways to be creative. I’ve flipped furniture, tried my hand at crafts, and started a garden! Finding out and learning about permanent jewelry has been a thrilling opportunity that allows me to be at home, be creative, meet people, and support my family! Please come check us out at any pop-up near you, or better yet, host your own party!

How to Find Us


Pop-Up Shops

Contact me to set up a pop-up shop. Pop-up shops benefit from marketing the event to get customers to the shop to purchase both from your store/shop and my booth.


Private Parties

Contact me to set up a private party!

Type: In-home, bridal, birthday etc

Required: Minimum of 5 purchases must be guaranteed (bracelet or larger)

Incentive:  The host receives 20% off their order when 5 bracelets, anklets or necklaces are purchased. If 10 qualifying purchases are made, the host also receives $100 off their order. In addition, the host will receive a FREE Jewelry Cleaner Stick.